Sphinx Literary agency

Sphinx literary Agency is the first literary agency in the Arab world. It plays an important role in the expansion of the Arab book market by acting as a liaison between authors, editors, and publishing houses. The Agency works in both directions, it represents Arabic authors for worldwide publication, but also representing foreign publishers and their titles to have their books translated into Arabic.

The book “A Runaway Wife” by Sayidet Al-Hijaz, its Serbian rights has been sold to a Serbian publisher, and they will finish the translation by the end of November 2008, and it will be published by the end of this year…..more

The book “The muslim Jew”, will be published and translated by Sphinx books, as a second book for the brand new publishing house “Sphinx Books”, The Muslim Jew, is a fascinating novel, telling about Galal who was born for a Muslim father and Jew mother, his father died during the Suiz war and ……… more