New release: sphinx issued the last month the best selling book “The Muslim Jew” By Kamal Roaheim.
Book of the month:
The book “A Runaway Wife” by Syadet Al-Hijaz” has been sold to a Serbian Publisher and it will be published in Serbian by the end of 2009

Sphinx Literary agency:
Sphinx literary Agency is the first literary agency in the Arab world. It plays an important role in the expansion of the Arab book market by acting as a liaison between authors, editors, and publishing houses. The Agency works in both directions, it represents Arabic authors for worldwide publication, but also representing foreign publishers and their titles to have their books translated into Arabic.

Sphinx for Distribution:
Sphinx Agency for distribution is regarded as one of the leading wholesaler distributors in the Egyptian book market and the Arab World in general; it delivers Arabic and books in foreign languages of more than 40 publishing houses to over 250 bookstores for.

Sphinx for Publishing:
Sphinx Agency books is publishing department, which publishes yearly its own publications besides the co-publications with Arabic and international publishers, sphinx Agency books are mainly in the field of translated Literature, parallel publications in English language, Health, Maps, Arabic fiction and non fiction.

Sphinx For Projects:
Sphinx Agency for cultural projects is a department in cooperation with many international cultural institutions in order to create literary and cultural projects and online literary projects inside the Arab World.

عرض جديد:
ويشتمل عرضنا على التالي:
أولا: المجموعة الأدبية 59 جنيهًا فقط ( عدد 5 كتب من دول وهي النمسا، سلوفاكيا، ألمانيا، اليابان، مجموعة قصص من دول وسط أوروبا )
ثانيًا: المجموعة الفكرية بــ 129 جنيهًا فقط ( عدد 5 كتب من دول كرواتيا، الهند، الولايات المتحدة، البوسنة، ألمانيا )
كما يسرنا أن نخبركم أنه في حالة رغبتكم في الحصول على المجموعتين بسعر خاص جدًا 150 جنيه فقط
مرفق بهذا الإيميل صيغة مفصلة عن العرض، اتصل بنا على رقم 25792865 للحصول على العرض، الذي سيصل إلى أي مكان تختاره بدون مصروفات شحن أو أية مصاريف أخرى.


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