About us

About us

Sphinx Film agency based in Egypt and Germany as sole film agency for the Arab films and TV series. The Agency acts like bridge between the Arab world and the international film production and distribution companies.

Playing a vital role in cooperating and creating links between the international market and the Arab market in the field of film and TV series.

Sphinx film agency realizes the necessity of creating projects, offering services and giving information for Arab and international companies, which work in the field of film productions and Coproduction.

The work of Sphinx film agency participates and acts in distributing of Arabic Films and TV series to the international market, in offering production services and linking a medium role for coproduction between international and Arabic production companies.

Our main fields of concern:

  • Broadcasting production services for Arabic and international production companies
  • Post production and Distribution for Arabic Films and TV series
  • Developing of coproduction projects between the Arab world and international market
  • Developing international events to support films and TV series from the Arab world