Sphinx Agency for Publishing

Sphinx Agency for Publishing:

It was founded 2007 as an independent Publisher. The publishing department Of Sphinx Agency aimed from its beginning to create an efficient manner to market and created what is toady regarded as one of the important Publishers of international literature in the Arab world with over 200 international literary titles translated into Arabic.

On the other aspect the agency developed new international marketing mechanisms such as: advertising via internet, social media, advertising cards & posters. Therefore, coordinating with distribution outlets to contribute with creating a ” Bestseller list” lin the Arab word.


Sphinx Literary agency

Sphinx Literary agency:

It is the first literary agency in the Arab world, the literary agency created a vital role which didn’t exist before in the Arab world, although it’s known that the role of literary institutions is vital and necessary in expanding the Arab book market and motivating the movement of publications by presenting it to the specialized editors or scouts. Today Sphinx Agency laid the foundation stone in that path and contracted with more than 25 Egyptian and Arab authors in different fields, For example: The late Nasr Hamed Abo Zayed, the Egyptian poet Salah Gahin, and also some novelists such as: Gamal El-Ghitany, Salwa Bakr, Salem Ben Hamish, Mohamed Nagi, Kamal Ruhim and lots of young authors.

Sphinx Agency For publishing & translation and distribution

Sphinx agency for publishing & translation and distribution was founded 2006 at Cairo as the first Literary Agency in the Arab World. 2007 the Agency was developed to be a distribution Agency and a Publishing House.

Sphinx agency had a great influence on Arab publishers, authors and cultural institutions to have new instinctive possibilities and accessibilities to the international publishers, that contributed in supporting the publishing and distribution process from and to the Arab world.

Sphinx Agency also was keen on paving the way for the growth of new entities at the Arab world to support the translation of the Arabic book to variety of foreign languages. The agency today is dealing with many international publishing houses, on the other hand it buys the rights of translating foreign titles into Arabic to publish it through the department of publishing or through other Arab publishing houses.